Flash Decompiler Trillix + Crack

Decompile SWF and convert to FLA
Convert SWF to FLA within seconds! Flash Decompiler Trillix is the only application capable of converting SWF
to FLA with high speed, high quality and hundreds of additional features. Flash Decompiler Trillix is the
ultimate tool to recover your lost FLA files – being the market leader since 2003! Decompile SWF files and
obtain source code FLA in seconds. Moreover, since the Trillix version, meaning 3rd, Flash Decompiler supports
batch conversion, so you can leave a bunch of different tasks to it and do any other things while Flash
Decompiler is working.

Extract SWF Elements
Flash Decompiler Trillix comes in handy when you don’t need to re-do the whole SWF file, just some of its elements.
You can easily export some separate elements of a Flash movie and save them to your hard drive. Images, sounds,
texts, links, morhps, fonts, shapes, sprites, buttons and ActionScripts can be exported in a variety of formats
to let you gain the best results possible.

Edit Flash Files
Flash Decompiler Trillix opens a wide range of new creative opportunities when it comes to editing Flash movies.
A unique feature of Flash Decompiler Trillix – SWF Editor lets you easily edit images, sounds, texts, links,
colors and lines of any Flash movie. SWF files are edited on the go – alter any of its elements, save and watch
the result immediately!

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