All Software TrialReset 3.3 (Public) Final – Reset Trial of Any Program

The small program for remove trial of apps. Works with all the widespread systems of protection. The interface is very simple: scanning of object, removal of corresponding record, backup object, reception of the information.
Supported Protector:
ACProtect (1.x/2.x/2.0)
ActiveMark (5.x/6.x/6)
Armadillo (1.x/2.x/3.x/4.x/4.54)
ASProtect (0.x/1.x/2.x/1.35/2.3)
DBPE (1.x/2.x/2.33)
EncryptPE (1.x/2.x/2.2006.10.1)
Enigma (1.x/1.16)
ExeCryptor (2.x/2.3.9)
ExeShield (2.x/3.x/
ICE License (2.x/
NoCopy (3.x/3.3)
Obsidium (1.x/
OneWay (5.x/5.5)
Orien (2.x/2.12)
PCGuard (4.x/5.x/5.01)
ProtectionPlus (4.x/
ProtectShareware (1.x/1.1)
SafeSerial (2.x/2.3.9)
SDProtector (1.x/1.16)
Sheriff (2.x/2.8.70)
SGLicense (3.x/3.00)
ShareGuard (2.x/3.x/3.2)
SoftLocx (5.x/6.x/7.x/7.0)
SoftSentry (3.x/3.00)
SoftWrap (5.x/6.x/6.1.1)
STProtector (1.x/1.5)
SVKP (1.x/1.44)
Thinstall (2.x/2.719)
VBOLock (4.x/
VBox (3.x/4.x/4.6.2)
VisualProtect (2.x/3.x/3.5.4)
Xheo Licensing (2.x/2.1.5000.28)
XProtector (1.x/1.08)
ZipWorx (3.x/

System Requirements
Trial-Reset requires a PC running Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven with minimum of 16MB memory and about 0.2 MB of free hard disk space.
To use this program the VB6 run time and Windows Common Controls ActiveX 6 (MSCOMCTL.OCX) must be installed on your computer.

What’s new TrialReset 3.3 (Public):
-Added support for License Protector 2.x
-Updated support for Enigma Protector 1.4x
-Updated support for ActiveMark 6.x
-Minor bugs fixes
N.B : if ur AV says itsa virus then its NOT….false alarm and its harmless

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