Free Rapidshare Premium

How to get rapidshare premium account. I can show you how to earn quick money and buy your own rapidshare premium legally.
Ok let’s start, plz follow these instructions, this really works, and is perfectly legal.
1).Go to the following link;

2)Join this site. It is also free. You get paid for completing surveys over there 6$ to 4$ dollars per survey and 1.25$ per referral thats a lot u will get a
premium account of 1 year very quickly ……i myself have bought a 1 year premium account and now i am collecting some extra cash .
3)Skip this step if u already own a paypal account
Go to and sign up
Create a paypal PREMIER account (this is for free)
When asked to give cr3dit c@rd details click on CANCEL
4).. Another thing you can also use paypal money to buy stuff on ebay and other shopping sites.
5). Thats is it. So Simple and I swear it works.

Cara Gratis dapat Rapidshare Premium..
1. daftar di link berikut
2. trus logout aja dan buka free proxy untuk berulangkali nambah dolarnya, karena IP adress akan tercatat, jangan sampai ip adress sama karena dianggap pelanggaran.
3. trus kalo sudah terkumpul transfer/rendem ke paypal.
4. kita bisa beli repid premium

One Click 4 free money try it link 1 or link 2

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